What Is Suresmile

For decades children and adults have enjoyed the benefits of orthodontic treatment to improve and idealize dental function, esthetics, and stability. In other words, orthodontists place braces on patients with the following common objectives:
-To make sure teeth work well together and have the proper relationship to TMJ joints which support the jaws. To many patients this addresses the complaint of having an overbite.
-To give patients a beautiful smile which translates to straight teeth. In addition, proper positioning of the teeth, relative to each other and the facial features (such as the upper lip), is important in characterizing ones smile.
-Last but not least, orthodontists strive to achieve stable results so that teeth are less likely to relapse.

Most people are familiar with the ideal of wearing braces and how braces work. Recently, new technology brings traditional orthodontic treatment to the next level. The entire process involves digital imaging, computer modeling, advanced materials, and robotic technology.

Exactly how does SureSmile work?

First, 3-D intraoral digital imaging device (OraScanner) is used to take live images of every tooth inside the mouth. The unique design of the OraScanner provides excellent maneuverability for the orthodontist to access all surfaces of teeth without compromising patient comfort. More importantly, this digital model of the mouth is highly accurate and can capture details as small as the width of a human hair. Now the orthodontist has registered the precise position of the teeth as well as the brackets.

Second, the digital information is uploaded to the computer to generate a 3-D image of the mouth. The orthodontist can analyze the bite and plan detailed tooth movement to deliver the final result with the SureSmile Treatment Planning Software. Then, sequential archwires (i.e., the wire that runs through the brackets and is adjusted/changed at each office visit) can be designed for the patient ahead of time. This means shorter appointment time at each visit. Because the treatment steps are planned out from the beginning to the end according to the individuals unique bite and tooth shape, treatment is more efficient and is shortened. It has been reported that SureSmile can straighten teeth in 40{0f575774568f800f799a9ff20b90dcc581722dcebb2a44d43fd6af5e50fc6840} less time. A 2-year treatment with traditional braces, for example, will now take only 12-15 months with SureSmile!

Finally, the customized archwires are made with a Shape-Memory Alloy that remembers its designed shape. This means the wire will always return to its original shape even if it has to be bent to engage the brackets on the teeth, therefore moving teeth more effectively. In addition, because the Shape-Memory wires can deliver continuous light forces to move teeth, patients experience less discomfort. And, it is healthier for the teeth. SureSmile archwires are processed by robots so that each bend and curve is precisely placed according to the orthodontists prescription.

Who is SureSmile designed for?

Basically, everyone who would like to have straighter teeth, a smaller overbite, and a nicer smile can achieve that goal with SureSmile. Anyone who is candidate for traditional braces has the SureSmile option to get that beautiful smile in a shorter time, with less office visits, and less discomfort.

If you have a child or teenager who needs braces but has a tough time keeping his/her teeth clean, he/she may be done with braces several months sooner with SureSmile to reduce the possibility of getting cavities and decalcification spots (white spots on teeth due to poor hygiene). Keep in mind however you still need to take care of your orthodontic appliances the same way you would traditional braces. And, remember to see your dentist every 4-6 months for routine dental needs during the treatment.

If you are someone who loves state-of-the-art technology, or who cant wait to get that next new electronics, you may truly enjoy what SureSmile can offer.
How can I get SureSmile?

You may google search SureSmile to learn more about it at YesBraces. Or, simply contact YesBraces to get a consultation with an orthodontist at the Springfield, Reston, Fairfax, or Fredericksburg office. Additionally, Self-Ligation brackets are used at YesBraces to move teeth more effortlessly and quickly with reduced friction between the archwire and brackets. Because colors (small rubber o-rings) are not necessary to hold the archwire in the brackets, it helps improve dental hygiene. Make sure to ask for the benefits of orthodontic treatment in conjunction with SureSmile.