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Life Goals: Love and Take Care of Yourself

Many of us are working so hard for our families, we are career oriented, wanting to achieve our biggest dreams and to be able to influence others with our intelligence, talents, and skills. People nowadays are so busy with many things, and because almost all hours are mostly spent for work, there’s no time to rest, meditate and see a doctor. Mothers are busy taking care of their children, preparing meals, doing household chores and attending their kid’s school events, and fathers stay up late at night and wake up early to go to work for the family. In fact, even single young adults don’t have time to exercise, because they are too busy building their career or socializing, and they prefer eating in a restaurant, fast food or in their apartment with easy-to-prepare but not nutritious meals.

Research show that high obesity rates are brought about by poor diet, consumption of pizza, chips, chocolates, soda, burger, ice cream, and other junk food and processed food, and they are usually falsely advertised, but don’t really give any health benefits. It is about time to start loving and taking care of our bodies, eat nutritious food, exercise and engage in overall healthy living, because life is short and our bodies are our only vessel into this world, so we can truly enjoy the fruits of our labor with the people that matter to us the most. You can start by selecting fresh fruits, vegetables and whole food, instead of refined and processed food. Think of the convenience of just grabbing fresh bananas from your countertop instead of doughnuts early in the morning, or putting a nutritious frozen homemade burritos in your microwave, than the unhealthy mac and cheese. Food nutritionists highlight the importance of eating less processed food, because they have higher nutritional value, and they have lower calories, bad cholesterol, and preservatives,and some examples include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, oatmeals and cereals, honey, brown or muscovado sugar than white sugar, and brown rice than white rice, and homemade meals.

Whether you prefer early in the morning or before you go to sleep, it is important to set a time for exercising, to increase muscle strength, endurance and burn body calories, so you need to set an alarm to your smartphone about your preferred exercise time which is thirty minutes per day. Once you are used to exercising, it becomes a part of your system, a hobby and eventually a normal everyday routine you won’t miss out, and you’ll surely see a significant improvement not only physically but also psychologically. Use the staircase instead of the elevator, walk instead of driving nearby grocery store, and take some time running, swimming or playing your favorite sport on your free time.