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The Interesting Concept on Winged Eyeliners Literally the word winged eyeliners gets everyone interested. It is a superb invention by itself . The idea is to boost the appearance of the eyeliners enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the face. It has been tried, tested and proven and the results have been satisfactory over the years. There is something utterly intriguing about a winged eyeliner. It has a way of bringing out aspects of sophistication, elegance and class all important elements that the modern woman should have. The symmetry of the face should provide the basis on how the procedure should be effected. Individuals that posses an oval shaped face should opt for a bow with an arch whose wing is directed just above their ears. Square shaped faced persons should opt for a bow and a wing that is directed to the middle of the year while a straighter bow and a wing that points to the wing would suit individuals with long faces better. This makes it enabling for everyone to have the treatment bestowed on them for a long time. The shape of the eyeliners may also be a determining factor. The design that will be effected with respect to the winged eyeliner will be determined by the close proximity or distance that the eyeliners assume. Those that have attained ripe ages also have the privilege of having their own process that results in a winged eyeliner. The winged eyeliner is capable of giving the required highlight that you may want of your eyes. Those people who have eyeliners that exhibit close proximity qualities should refrain from over shaping to avoid loosing the angle. The best advice is to seek professional help at least until you familiarize yourself with this indispensable art.
Doing Eyeliners The Right Way
The process is characterized by a number of steps. Brushing the eyeliners acts as the commencing step to achieving this wonderful result. It is then followed by an act of shaping it to attain a bow, arch and wing effect using the suitable aids. Brushing is essential as it highlights areas that may not be covered by hair allowing you to incorporate color in them. The color should only add to the effect and not overshadow the work you’ve put in.
Learning The “Secrets” of Eyeliners
The attainment of the look should be marked with ridding oneself of stray hair. The act however should be restricted to shaping the eyeliner and not plucking this hairs. The possibility of over shaping should be reduced by paying attention to what one is doing. The next course of action is to apply gel to ensure the hairs stay in place. This look does not only get you the appeal that you need but has a slimming effect which is very crucial to most ladies.